Dye Sublimation Printing


Our dye sublimation printing process involves the use of a special dye ink that sublimates when it is introduced to high temperatures. This ink is first printed onto a transfer paper by way of a digital printer and then this printed image is transferred onto a polyester garment using heat and pressure. The ink reacts to the heat by “sublimating”; in that it changes from a solid state into a gas state. The dye then bonds with the polyester fabric to create a vivid, textureless, and permanent digital print.

This process not only yields vivid print colors that are wash-fast and durable but it also allows you to print photographic or color-complex graphics accurately. You can produce your graphic as a traditional front, back, or sleeve print location on white poly shirts or you can also choose to print your artwork as an "all-over” on the polyester garment.

The Process